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1st XCYCLE Workshop

  • 30+ participants
  • 3 new technologies
  • 2 live demonstrations
  • 1 international venue
On April 18th, 2018, during the TRA2018 event, the XCYCLE project held its first Workshop. The event has been an opportunity for the attendees to discover the results of the first three years of research focused on reducing cyclists’ fatalities with vehicles, in particular at road intersections, and on increasing everyday cycling comfort.
TRA Arena

The participation of Mr. E. de Kievit, Senior Advisor Traffic & Transport Research form the City of Amsterdam, suggested how cities must prioritize investments where the larger safety effect can be gained. A mix of cultural, strategic and technological tools, such as the ones proposed by the XCYCLE Project, can generate a useful set of measure to boost cycling safety in all directions.

Cyclists are just one of the actors in road traffic and people preferences on transport modes must not be disregarded, even if they might not appear as the most convenient ones. Private cars are still the most preferred mean for personal transfer even within cities. Vehicles and infrastructure must then protect all VRUs, including cyclists. The technologies created by the XCYCLE researchers can contribute in both preventing incidents and making cycling smoother.

TRA Arena

Cyclists have to be ready to give their fair share as well, starting by adopting safe behaviours and following few basic rules. Get visible, don’t cycle while using your smartphone, follow the bike lanes and...check how you can equip your bike with a new XCYCLE tool.

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