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Almost 1000 years old, the University of Bologna (UNIBO) is known as the oldest University of the western world. Nowadays, UNIBO still remains one of the most important institutions of higher education across Europe, the second largest university in Italy and is the first Italian university for the attractiveness of European funding for research... MORE
The University of Leeds is a leading UK research university. The Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds undertakes research ranging from blue skies exploration of new ideas and concepts, to targeted commissions for specific clients. ITS has over 50 research-active staff and around 50 research students, is one of the world’s largest... MORE
Safety has been guiding star of the Volvo Group since the foundation in 1927. Volvo founders stated that “Safety is and must be the basic principle in all design work”. Today, the trucks and buses produced by the Volvo Group are among the safest in the world. But this not enough. The ultimate goal for the company is... MORE


DLR is the German national research centre and agency for space and aeronautics. Four future-oriented fields of research form the key areas of DLR activities: aeronautics, astronautics, transportation and energy technology, with transportation being the key growth area. DLR’s budget is being financed by government funds as well as private contracts... MORE
The University of Groningen provides high quality research and teaching in a broad and varied range of fields of study. It is distinguished for the close link the University has forged between research and teaching, a bond that is internationally oriented and does justice to their interdependence. Within XCYCLE, the University of Groningen will integrate... MORE


VTI is an independent research institute dedicated to the continuous development of knowledge in the transport sector. It covers all modes of transport, and the subjects of pavement technology, infrastructure maintenance, vehicle technology, traffic safety, traffic analysis, users of the transport system, the environment... MORE
Dynniq is a European technical service provider delivering total solutions for the traffic and specialised parts of the infrastructural market. It combines electrical and mechanical engineering and ICT to the best solutions for moving people, materials, energy and data flows, operating in the domains of dynamic traffic management... MORE
KITE Solutions is a SME, established in 2003, with the goals of designing, commercialising and implementing technological solutions in domains with advanced automation and safety critical human machine interfaces. Main expertise lies in engineering, risk assessment and cognitive sciences, and in databases development... MORE
In its Traffic Solutions division, Jenoptik develops, manufactures and markets components and systems that increase road traffic safety throughout the world. The product portfolio, which is based on the proven Robot technology, includes comprehensive systems for all aspects of road traffic, such as speed and red-light monitoring systems as well as... MORE